A-level talent has always been hard to find but never impossible.

Responsible, hardworking, intelligent self-starting people who follow direction well are the goal.

I started my career interviewing college students on and off campus for E.J. Gallo Winery. Some days I would interview up to 30 individuals. Since then I’ve interviewed thousands more and taught hundreds others how to interview well. You begin to get really good at screening out those that don’t fit the model. And that is the whole story, get clear on who you want to hire (your model), give yourself the freedom to say no to those that don’t fit, and then double your efforts. Double because finding good talent is possible, it always has been, it just takes more focus and time now than it used to.

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“Just because the tide is out does not mean there is any less water in the ocean”

“The system you have is perfectly designed for the results you’re getting”

“Get over the turnover”

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