Personalized 1-on-1 Coaching – If you are desiring ongoing leadership development or would like help with specific challenges or opportunities, we offer personalized coaching. Email Andy ([email protected]) for information or schedule a free coaching call.

Private Workshops And Training

Leadership by Design (for your team) – Customized for your team/company, this workshop can highlight gaps and potential, and provide a common language to help people work in more synergy.

Leadership By Design 2.0 – A workshop for your team to take a deeper dive into your styles using the LIFO tool to create a greater understanding and real time strengths-based feedback loop to create lasting change in teams.

Coaching for Performance – Interactive conversation for leaders to discover why coaching is so critical to next-level their team to greater performance, and takeaway tools to create immediate impact.

Strategic Playbook – This workshop helps leadership teams identify the 6 key factors driving their business to get clarity and drive evangelists for their company: the why, the how do we behave, the what, the how, the what matters right now and the who does what.

Sales By Design – One day training for your sales team to equip them to utilize design thinking for optimum impact with clients and customers.

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